We are thrilled to announce the spincube PRO

Get ready for the spincube PRO, our latest innovation, designed to give you the edge in your electrospinning experiments.

Key Features:

  • Environmental Control: manage relative air humidity and temperature in the electrospinning chamber to achieve optimal fiber formation  conditions
    • This long waited functionality allows operators either to decrease or increase relative humidity inside the chamber or to achieve higher temperatures than those in the laboratory
  • Automated Recipe Management: control production with automated recipe management, enabling you to instantly save and recall nanofiber production parameters and create custom recipes
    • spincube PRO instantaneously sets up everything from temperature to collector-emitter distance by using the programmable workflow utility in spinstudio
  • Elevated Production Volume: achieve pilot-level production output by utilizing our swinging emitter base and various multi-emitter layouts
    • The swinging emitter translates horizontally along the axis of rotating collectors therefore providing excellent homogeneity of the deposited nanofiber layer
  • Ready for Action: start electrospinning immediately upon acquisition, with little to no setup required
    • spincube PRO comes as an integrated, ready to use box, all you need is to power it on and load your precursors

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