Designed for academic research

All-digital nanofiber and nanoparticle formation

What can you produce with spincube?

Random oriented fibers

Random oriented nanofiber deposition from single or multiple emitters to flat plate collector

Oriented fibers

Oriented nanofiber deposition from single or multiple emitters to rotating drum collector

Core-shell fibers

Core-shell fiber deposition from co-axial emitter to flat or rotational collector


Nanoparticle electrospraying from single emitter to flat plate collector

Key Features


Various safety features make spincube the right choice even for less experienced users


Quick & easy change of collectors and emitters without any tools

Continuous humidity and temperature monitoring of the cabinet


Optimizing reproducibility by comparing previous and current experimental data in spinstudio application


Precursor feed from glass or disposable syringes using from multiple syringe pumps


Eliminate dead volume with innovative HydroDrive


Remote supervision of jet formation with industrial grade imaging system


Remote process control from spinstudio application

spincube insights

Features Values
Output voltage Up to 40 kV
Electrospinning cabinet internal size 45 x 45 x 42 cm
Emitter – collector arrangement Horizontal
Manual emitter position adjust (emitter-collector distance) 5 – 30 cm (for flat collector)
5 – 20 cm (for rotational drum collector)
Flat plate collector size Size: 20 x 20 cm (400 cm2), stainless steel
Rotational collector
(coming soon)
Rotational speed: 1000 – 4200 RPM (monitored)
Surface speed: 400 – 1600 cm/sec
Diameter: 72.5 mm
Width: 150 mm
Area: 340 cm2 Alumina
Imaging system Monochrome 1.3 MP 10x optical zoom
5 – 50 mm focal length
Up to 30 fps frame rate
Polymer dispension from syringe 0.06 uL/min to 90 mL/min (1 mL – 60 mL syringes)
Polymer dispension from HydroDrive (zero dead volume) 0.06 uL/min to 4.5 mL/min (1 mL or 3 mL syringes)
Emitter options Luer lock compatible
Single needle emitters 18 – 22G
Coaxial emitters (18G / 22G)
Multiple needle emitters (6 luer lock compatible positions)
Cabinet ventillation Passive valve or active ventillation

* The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice.

Buy the hardware and love it for the software

spinstudio makes spincube a powerful research tool for nanofiber formation

Do more with spinstudio software

  • spinstudio allows remote control of the fiber formation process.
  • Adjust spinneret voltage or precursor feed rate directly from software, while examining the live image of Taylor cone formation.
  • Keep track of environmental parameters like cabinet humidity and temperature in the same, intuitive user interface.
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Built around experimental data

  • Forget paper-pencil methods to track your experiments. spinstudio monitors, tracks, visualizes all process and environmental data.
  • Use our software tools to compare historical experiment data with each other, or export data into third party software like Microsoft Excel or MATLAB.
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Training and installation

New to nanofiber technology?

  • We install and set-up spincube in your laboratory.
  • A training option is also available to learn the fundamentals of fiber formation and using spincube.
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Are you interested in testing spincube?

  • We are happy to welcome you in our reference laboratory in Budapest, Hungary, where you can test spincube in a real life scenario.
  • Please contact us to book an appointment.
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Available accessories


Dead volume elimination and easy to clean pump system

Single, multiple and coaxial emitters
Flat plate and rotational drum collectors