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Spinsplit was founded by a team of enthusiastic researchers and engineers as a university spin-off of BME, the leading technical university in Hungary. Being familiar with the major challenges of nanofiber technology, our team aimed to develop a solution to address them. We believe that our digital electrospinning products make nanofiber experiments easier to track, control and reproduce, and help researchers to spend less time with experimenting and more with actual science.

Our products are designed by researchers – for researchers. Bearing in mind this philosophy, our team takes active role in nanofiber research projects, and keeping us always opened for stunning new ideas from our customers.

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Research grants

2021-1.1.4-GYORSÍTÓSÁV – Új technológiai berendezés létrehozása nanoszál alapú gyógyszerkészítmények fejlesztéséhez a Spinsplit Kft-nél

Flow Chemistry modules for predicitive maintenance for Pharma 4.0 applications – CPS4EU (H2020) – SCALABLE CPS-BASED FLOW CHEMISTRY MODULES

General Experiment in DigiFED (H2020) – Digitalized LED application design workflow

FermiCloud – CLOUDIFACTURING (H2020) – Fermentation Production Optimisation Using Cloud Manufacturing Techniques CloudiFacturing

SPRAYCUBE – DIHWORLD (H2020) – Manufacturing framework for new generation solar panels


I found spincube a powerful and reliable tool during my PhD studies in producing core-shell nanofibers for controlled drug-release.

Adrienn Kazsoki PhD – Semmelweis University

Adrienn Kazsoki PhD – Semmelweis University

We use spinsplit products in our MSc programme. Our students like the quick ramp-up and easy usage of the equipment and spinstudio software.

Tamás Pardy PhD – TalTech University

Tamás Pardy PhD – TalTech University

I enjoyed the flexibility of the spinsplit team during the purchase and delivery of their more tailor-made spincube systems.

Angéla Jedlovszky – Semmelweis University

Angéla Jedlovszky – Semmelweis University