Spinsplit was awarded by the Accelerator grant

Spinsplit LLC’s most recent innovation project involves the creation of new technical equipment for the development of nanofiber-based medications

Spinsplit Ltd. is implementing its latest project using the 104 565 440 HUF (276,000 euros) grant awarded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Agency under the 2021-1.1.4 – ACCELERATOR grant. The aim of the innovation is to create an internationally novel technological solution for the development of advanced nanofiber-based pharmaceutical products.

Due to the specific chemical and physical properties of nanofibers, the resulting pharmaceutical formulations (wound dressings, hernia meshes, tablets, capsules) are proven to be more effective than currently commercially available formulations. This project’s novel solution will greatly broaden the variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients that can be employed in nanofibrous formulations. The solution is unique both domestically and internationally and is not found in competing products. At the end of the project, Spinsplit Ltd. plans to introduce the new technology-based device to the market, which will open up new opportunities for domestic and international research groups using the technology to develop, among other things, advanced personalized medicines, enzyme replacement and drug formulations for biological therapies. A significant demand for the new technology is forecasted, and based on the turnover of competitors, the introduction of the new product could lead to significant growth for Spinsplit Kft.

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